Introduction to the Mathematics and Physics of Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Applications
The theory of Neural Networks, initially developed to model information processing in the brain, has been rapidly evolving in recent years as a fundamental paradigm in Machine Learning. Applications range from big data to smart devices.
The AI-day@Northumbria offers a journey through the Mathematics and Physics of Machine Learning and Neural Networks and applications in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Google TensorFlow.
Morning presentations will be delivered by two international Neural Networks experts and two Google Engineers from Google Cloud London. The aim of the talks is introductory and no specific prerequisites or background is required. 
The event includes an informal Q/A session with Scientists and Google Engineers (“The Googlers”). 
The afternoon hands-on workshop aims at an ice-breaking experience with TensorFlow and will offer the chance for direct and informal interaction with the Googlers. Please note, places for the workshop are limited, so…hurry up and register here!
Organising Committee: A. Moro, C. Benassi, O. Senkevich, K. Perera
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